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Texas Catfish Bait Soap is a brand new bait soap formulated like no other bait soap anywhere on the market.

I have recently developed a bait soap with a combination of lye soap and another ingredient that every avid
catfisherman knows that catfish love.
Yes Cheese and Soap all in one bait!
Plus another little secret ingredient that I include in the mixture.

Our new Texas Catfish Bait soap with cheese attracts catfish from all around the area being fished.
And I`m talking about some nice catfish.

The combination of soap and cheese puts off a scent that leaves a trail that the catfish can home in on,
leading them directly to your hook.
It has more of a spongy texture than regular 100% soap
and does not crack and break and melt off the hook right away.

You can expect to catch nice Channel cats, Blue cats and even Yellow cats on this new formula.
Works great on Juglines, Trotlines and on rod and reel!

The price is $12.00 per bag and a bag is approximately 1 lb. of bait cut in little square pieces about 5/8 to 3/4 inch size.
Some pieces can even be cut in half to make even more than 100 pieces of bait per bag.

Contact us by email or phone to find out how much shipping will be to your location.

Payment will be made by check or money order
and all orders are shipped out in a very timely fashion after payment is received.

To order....... Call: 936-788-4413
Email Soapman at: soapman@texascatfishbaitsoap.com